My Childhood Years

The difficulty of the challenges depends on how successful you are. Like a rich man only has bills to pay and tons of work to do including stress. The poor man on the other side, has problems on the whole family and money. They lack food and shelter. Some family has so many children, that they had to sell the others. I, was only living a normal life but still has problems.

Some of my problems where school and even hygiene (don’t blame me, blame the restroom! It’s has an awful stench but that’s just another story!) I just want to shout on t‎op of my lungs “I hate my life, why do I have to suffer these problems!”But I can’t just do it, I’m such a dork if I tried to do that because my parents will be angry (never mind this it’s a long story)

I just want to think that all of these are just nightmares but there’s nothing I could do I just need to get past these problems and all my sufferings will be finished just like I wish.

I just want to tell others that they don’t have to be rich, they just to be normal. So be creative and adventurous on something you are good at!


This story is all about my sister. Her name is Fiona.

Nobody could ever survive the wackiness of my sister, not even the nannies. Year by year my Mother always hire nannies. The first nanny was hired when my sister was 4. Her name is Vanessa, but we always call her Ness. At first, she thought that it was easy to take care both of us. But no, it was hard, really hard. Okay I admit, I’m a wacky too. so it was hard.Years pass by, my mother is still doing the same thing.

So that’s all my story for today.

*Like I said , everyday is a fun day like yesterday.

My day started with much excitement. My sister woke me because it’s Father’s day. Then she said “Wake up! we gotta give our cards to dad! Then I said, “Don’t rush, I’ll be right there in a minute.” But then she started to shake me vigorously like there’s a fire in the house. So I awoke and gave my card to Dad. My mother later said that my sister’s letter had so much color. I was like,  “Oh yeah, you’re absolutely right!” But my Dad said that it was beautiful. After that my  father read my letter and he laughed at some paragraphs but the last one made him laugh really hard because it said that he is Liverpool supporter but I didn’t know what Liverpool meant, but just like my sister he said he liked it.

The next few hours, my mother was cooking the birthday/father’s day meal for Dad, then there it is! The main guest came. Guess who! (drum roll) Yes! The cutest baby in the world — baby Matthew! Just kidding! I said he was  the cutest baby in the world because  he was so really darn cute!

What ate and chatted during the party. After an hour, we did everything that any family would do, eat dinner and sleep (of course, we clean up everyday) but then, the most surprising thing happened! I got my own blog! Now, the whole world can read about what is happening in my life!

*Edited by my Dad

This is me, trying out blogging.